Charlena is a heartfelt, entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable international speaker that never fails to deliver. Her many years in front of the classroom as a top rated Grad professor allow her to read the toughest of rooms, and deliver a compelling message no matter the audience. 

Her experience in the C-Suite allows her to feel fully comfortable pulling up a chair at the table with the worlds most elite. And her background growing up in a poor, but tightly knit community affords her the perspective of those that aren’t as fortunate. Charlena is as energetic and relatable on stage as she is inspiring in her comeback stories.


Actionable learning, with a slice of humor!

Almost all of Charlena’s sessions are based around the ‘How To’ mentality of getting things done in business and life. Nearly all of Charlena’s engagements begin with a trademarked personality assessment which allows her to speak directly to the hearts and minds of attendees. 

By the time participants are done digesting her presentations, they genuinely have something of value to take away, and more importantly, to take action on – holding themselves accountable to actually making the most out of the investment they made in attending.   

Highly aware of the balance needed to keep people informed and entertained at the same time, Charlena injects a light-hearted approach with her sessions and injects a little humor whenever possible.

She brings a combination of humor, relatability, and depth to every event.

Well aware of how painful it can be to sit in an audience, listening to some ‘expert’ yammer on, as they awkwardly navigate the stage, Charlena leverages her experience keeping the attention of her students in the classroom (those early morning and late evening classes with millennials, in particular, allowed her to develop this skill) to keep things entertaining and interactive, by keeping all her presentations up-to-date and regularly going down into the crowd (wireless mic required for this one!) and interacting with attendees directly.


Charlena believes that when you connect people through purpose, there’s no limit to what they can do. Charlena walks hand in hand with small groups within corporations to bring light to their values, life to their culture by leveraging strengths in personalities, and creating lasting environments where employees can thrive through Guided Accountability


Please reach out to if you’re interested in booking Charlena to speak at your upcoming conference, or workshop.


Intimate group of 10, or international conference of 2,000. Whether you're interested in a keynote address or a conversation to ignite new thinking and dialogue, Charlena will finesse her presentation to meet the objectives of your audience. 

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Guided Accountability: Increase the Likelihood of Goal Achievement by 97%

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Charlena owned the room. She delivered with exceptional ratings and got people talking. That’s all you can ask of any presenter. Charlena’s energy is infectious

Event Planner – Women’s Conference

Charlena is a pro when it comes to preparing and delivering a high-quality presentation. Our attendees loved her and her action packed message. But Charlena doesn’t stop there – she invests extra time and energy in promoting your conference and engaging with your community of attendees. She’s the full package. I look forward to working with Charlena again in the future.

Event Planner – Working Mother

During the event, Charlena delivered two powerful workshops which our members found informative, entertaining and highly practical. I would highly recommend Charlena as a speaker and look forward to having her back at one of our conferences in the future.

CMO – Ellevate: Mobilizing the Power of Women

Charlena is a consummate professional, full of energy, and a pleasure to work with. She spent almost a full day with the group before she ever spoke and interacted with a number of different attendees during that time. Her willingness to get to know the organization and her interest in doing so is the exception not the rule. Her customization of the presentation to the group truly made the difference and made her message that more impactful!

Planning Assistant – Executive Women Leadership Conference

Charlena embraced every single project as if nothing else mattered on this planet other than the success of my clients program. Her enthusiasm, spirit and devotion rippled through the ballrooms. Her smile, her sparkle, her "gift" for listening and responding so articulately made her the "bar" that I compare all others to. With Charlena, I always knew my program would be stellar and memorable.

Member Coordinator – Women’s Summit

As a meeting planner, I was so surprised and excited by your ability to become part of a very complex and highly demanding group. While you were speaking, I felt like you had known the audience for a long period of time because you connected with them so well!

Meeting Planner – Future Festival

There are speakers who run in and deliver. There are speakers who say "customize" and then do little of that. You delivered a message that just plain exceeded our expectations. I appreciate that you actually took the time to learn our language, arrived early, paid attention to what the other keynote speakers said and wove it into your speech and workshops, picking up on the key themes. This makes you a rare breed.

Meeting Planner – Innovation Week

Charlena really connected with our group of executives. She did three consecutive sessions that grew in attendance each time and quickly became the talk of the national conference. We look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Membership Coordinator – Learn to Lead

I attended your session this weekend and just wanted to say…THANK YOU!!!! You are a truly incredible, motivational speaker!!!! I am thankful for being able to attend and have come away from the weekend with infinite information and the belief that I can truly do this!! You were incredible! Your comments about leaving a legacy really impressed me. I am continually amazed that when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive. Thanks for teaching me this weekend.

Attendee – Learn to Lead

Your presentation on The Art of Balancing an Unbalance-able Life was inspiring and informative. The reaction from our attendees has been overwhelmingly positive and your contribution has made a difference in their professional lives... You are truly appreciated.

Student Coordinator – University of MD

Her message is entertaining, high energy, engaging, motivational, thought provoking, and behavior changing. Her powerful message is delivered with humor but sprinkled with science. Her presentation will be a highlight of any meeting. People will be talking about her message for years to come.

Event Coordinator – Leading for Impact

Charlena had our 250 participants captivated from the moment she walked on stage. The rave reviews are still coming in. Not only is Charlena motivational, but her presentation is also genuinely life changing for so many people - we were touched by her warmth and passion for positivity.

Coordinator – Towson University

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