A matched and guided accountability framework that creates intentional relationships for tangible success.

Optio members are intentionally trained on best practices of accountability, and then optimally matched using Optio’s innovative psychographic algorithm. Partners then support one another within a 90-day structure to set goals, hold each other accountable in order to succeed: unlocking their greatest potential. 

Optio’s matching algorithm is truly innovative. Optio Accountability Partners are individuals that you wouldn’t meet and connect with under many other circumstances. The partnership is meant to not only push you toward your goals, but to open your eyes to new perspectives and experiences to expand your worldview – and your success.



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Intimate group of 10, or international conference of 2,000. Whether you're interested in a keynote address or a conversation to ignite new thinking and dialogue, Charlena will finesse her presentation to meet the objectives of your audience. 

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Guided Accountability: Increase the Likelihood of Goal Achievement by 97%

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“The kind of conversations you have through Optio: they’re deep, and intentional, and full of grace. They brought a lot of things to the surface, and reminded me of the woman I used to be. I thought I was getting into Optio to crush some goals, but what I really got was my authentic self back.”

Sarah Cosden

“My partner served as my mirror, and my springboard. I’ve been trying to reach out to someone for several years, but never quite managed to hit ‘send’. We walked through the process and it became more and more clear that this was something I was supposed to do: So I made it my goal for the week. When we met again, I had drafted the letter, but hadn’t worked up the courage to send it. My partner asked me what had stopped me from fulfilling my promise. Wow. Me. What was the only thing standing in the way. So, I did it: I hit send. It seemed so simple, but I had been working towards it for years. I just needed my accountability partner to be my mirror, and then serve as a springboard to action. Now my only regret is not having sent it sooner.”

Leah Goldman

“Optio catapulted my business in ways I couldn’t even foresee. I now have more time with my family, more money to fund my future ventures, and more peace knowing I’m living a life in alignment with my values.”

Rebecca Torzini

“Guided Accountability is the number one tool for my continuing success. I now know nothing in this life happens without accountability. Optio makes it easy.”

Samantha Muno

“I decided to test the promise. Just show up? OK. I just showed up. And everything changed. Somehow… this process… this accountability… these pairings: they make me a better wife. A better Mother. A better friend. A better boss. An all around improved version of myself. I was skeptical. But I showed up, and everything changed.”

Korynne Bailey

“JUST understanding MY values. Not the values I inherited or the values I’ve absorbed from the world around me - but my intrinsic values has made a massive difference in my day to day life. It’s true what Charlena says: When your values are clear, your decisions are easy. I’m sure I’ve shaved years off my life that I would spend fretting over how to respond to certain scenarios. With this new blueprint - I can answer as my authentic self without hours of internal debate”

Cassandra Ripken

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